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We're thrilled to be participating in ISH this year! Swing by our the BACnet Interest Group (Booth A61, Hall 10.3) and ask for Sierra Monitor, or set a meeting so you can experience the FieldServer advantage firsthand.

If you're an equipment manufacturer, integration engineer, or building automation specialist, we have a BACnet solution for you.

BACnet Router -- Our Complete Internetworking Solution
The dual-port BACnet Router has two RS-485 ports, enabling connection to up to 64 BACnet devices without the use of additional line drivers. Using a BACnet router frees up valuable RS-485 ports on expensive BACnet Controllers and reduces the cost of connecting BACnet MS/TP devices to a BACnet/IP backbone. 

BACnet IoT Gateway -- Our Latest Integration Solution
The new FieldServer BACnet IoT Gateway combines our industry-leading BACnet Explorer function and anywhere, anytime visibility with SMC Cloud. It's a match made in BACnet heaven and takes the least amount of time to get up and running. This device is a must-have for Integrators that are looking to maintain their competitive edge. 

SMC Cloud -- Our Business Transformation Catalyst
The SMC Cloud takes proactive support to a whole new level. It's a SaaS cloud-based offering that works with our FieldServer family of IoT protocol gateways. Equipment manufacturers are able to run smarter, utilizing real-time device data analytics to drive better decision making and transform the way they do business.


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Give us a week (and your Modbus data points) and we’ll get your device connected – to BACnet, the cloud, or both. Our products are that simple.

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